Ultra Fighter

Ultra Fighter

Ultra Fighter is a free shooting game developed by artgamestudio.com
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Ultra Fighter is a free shooting game developed by artgamestudio.com. It is an entertaining and easy to play game, where your mission is to defend your galaxy from the attack of hostile ships.
The game mechanics is quite simple, you move the ship with your mouse to avoid contact with the enemy’s stars while shooting them with the left button. There are more than five different space ships to shoot down, and some give you bonus points that you have to collect, otherwise the energy bar runs out. You have to be very careful because if you touch any of the enemy’s ships you will be losing one of your three lives. The most interesting part of the game are the power-ups, there are about five different power-ups that give you cool and more powerful shootings like a laser or others with colorful shoots that kill your enemies most efficiently. Others, provide you with a protective shield that resists attacks and bombs for a few seconds.
The graphics and animations are not as good and detailed as in other games of this type. The illustrations are rather poor, and at moments it gets really difficult to distinguish between a bonus item from a bomb. However, if you do not mind its modest visual aspect, Ultra Fighter is still a fairly enjoyable game.

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • free
  • entertaining
  • easy to play


  • modest graphics and animations
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